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   (Attention: Accreditation for authorities and press will be available soon)


The registration fees include:

- Access to Official Events (Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony)
- Access to Forum Sessions (partially closed sessions)
- Lunch
- Cultural Events, Water Expo & Fair

To access the system, your e-mail and password will be required. Make sure that the e-mail address provided on the form is correct; it will be used for all communications with you;

Students are required to attach their student ID card or a certificate from their institution. The term "student" applies to undergraduates or postgraduates. All registrations are confirmed upon full payment of the registration fees;

Every participant will receive an e-mail confirming that the form is completed correctly. After the payment confirmation, the participant will receive another e-mail with the confirmation of the registration;

Registration will not be completed until full payment is received.


Our provisional program already has the themes and sessions of the Thematic, Regional and Citizen Processes. The full program (dates, rooms and speakers) will be released mid-January. However, you can register for the sessions you wish to attend and, should you want to alter the participation dates, please send an email to or contact our Registration Department directly at +55 61 3039 8548.

The Forum will begin on March 17, at 10 am, with the opening of the Fair and Citizen Village, located at Mané Garrincha National Stadium. There will be free events for the general public.

The Expo will open on March 18, at 4 pm, to patrons attending the sessions. Lectures will begin on March 19, the 8th Forum’s official opening day, at around 9 am.

The 8th Forum’s sessions will take place during business hours, between 9 am and 6 pm. The Citizen Village and the Fair will be open at night too.

The closing ceremony will be held on March 23, in the morning (time to be determined).

Check the full program here at our website soon.


World Water Council Members

World Water Council members are entitled to special discounts on World Water Forum registration fees.

If you haven’t been informed yet by e-mail, please contact the WWC Headquarters at to receive your conditions, discount code and instructions to register.


Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.

FORUM PASS  (SIX DAYS) First Deadline Second Deadline Third Deadline


Jan 10, 2018

Feb 28, 2018

March 01 - 23, 2018

Participant - OECD Countries

2.275 BRL 650 €

2.625 BRL 750 €

2.975 BRL 850 €

Participant -Other Countries

1.138 BRL 325 €

1.315 BRL 375 €

1.490 BRL 425 €


455 BRL 130 €

 525 BRL 150 €

595 BRL 170 €

ONE DAY PASS   First Deadline Second Deadline Third Deadline


Jan 10, 2018

Feb 28, 2018

March 01 - 23, 2018

Participant - OECD Countries

680 BRL    195 €

790 BRL   225 €

890 BRL     255 €

Participant -Other Countries

350 BRL    100 €

400 BRL   115 €

455 BRL     130 €


140 BRL       40 €

 160 BRL    45€

175 BRL      50 €

THREE DAY PASS   First Deadline Second Deadline Third Deadline


Jan 10, 2018

Feb 28, 2018

March 01 - 23, 2018

Participant - OECD Countries

1.365 BRL   390 €

1.575 BRL   450 €

1.785 BRL   510 €

Participant -Other Countries

  680 BRL   195 €

790 BRL     225 €

890 BRL      255 €


  280 BRL     80 €

315 BRL        90 €

350 BRL      100 €



Sustainability is one of the pillars of the 8th World Water Forum.
With that in mind, the eight edition of the event will be totally paperless. 
Booklets, programming, documents and all informational material that the participant needs will be available in electronic format on the official app, which will soon be available for download through the App Store and Google Play Store.
Through this initiative, more than 500,000 pages will be saved, which creates less impact on the environment.
Each Eucalyptus tree yields from 20  to 24 thousand sheets of common white A4 paper, used at home and in offices. 
However, each tree takes about 15 years to be ready for harvest.  In addition to that, the consumption of water, which is around 10 litres for each A4 sheet of paper, is taken into account. 
Saving water today  to ensure this resource is available in the future and respecting the environment are ideas in tune with the objectives of the World Water Forum.




- First Deadline:  January, 10 2018
- Second Deadline: January, 11 to February 28, 2018
- Third Deadline:  March 1 - 23, 2018

All dates are based on Brazilian Standard Time (GMT-3).   

All fees are fixed in Euros, according to the Brazilian regulation, it will be charged in Reais. Amounts given in Brazilian Reais are approximate and subject to change as currency rates fluctuate.


Credit Card

• Accepted credit cards are MasterCard, VISA  and AMEX

Bank Transfer (Wire)

• In order to proceed with payment by bank transfer (wire), please contact us to receive the invoice

• A copy of the remittance slip should be sent to the 8th World Water Forum 2018 Secretariat by E-mail The sender's name should be the same as the participant's name. Otherwise, please notify the 8th World Water Forum 2018 Secretariat in advance

• All bank remittance charges are to be paid by the participants. Due to the local bank fees and taxes, an additional amount of € 45, 00 will be charged in the invoice as an administration fee for receiving wire transfers. If you want to avoid this additional amount, please consider paying your registration fee through credit card.  

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Participants who wish to cancel their Registration need to download a Cancellation Form on the website. Please fill out the Form and send it to the 8th World Water Forum 2018 Secretariat by E-mail

No refunds will be made after January 23, 2018.

Cancellation Date(s) Policy

Cancellation Request by January 23, 2018.

Registration Fee will be refunded, excluding remittance and cancellation charges (€ 30).

Cancellation Request after January 23, 2018.

No refund

Absence from the Forum without Notice of Cancellation


No refund

Refunds will be made in the following ways:

For payments received by credit cards, the same credit card will be refunded.

For all other payments, a bank transfer will be made to the payee nominated account.

Please note: For payments received from outside Brazil by bank transfer, the refund will be made by bank transfer and the registrant is solely responsible for all bank charges applicable.

Deadline for refunding: 30 days

Substitution Policy

Substitution of a registered participant is only permitted among participants from the same organization and up to February 28, 2018.

Replacement of participant should be requested by the e-mail

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