Mohamed El Azizi

Ney Maranhão

Kazuhisa Ito

Blanca Jimenez Cisneros

Abdeslam Ziyad

Irani Braga Ramos

Dale Jacobson

Gertjan Beekman

Other Comissions

Political Process Sustainability Focus Group Citizen's Forum

Regional Process Comission at the 8th World Water Forum

The Regional Process Commission provides guidance to the regional preparation of and follow-up to the World Water Forum.

The Regional Process consists of catalyzing knowledge sharing around the Forum themes; collectively identifying key issues affecting the various regions and proposing solutions; capitalizing on political commitments; and maximizing stakeholder engagement and internalizing local perspectives on the 8th Forum themes.

The Regional Process Commission is responsible for integrating regional contributions into the Forum's program. It also encourages regions to mobilize stakeholders, to increase political commitments and to create synergies at the local level. This action will support regional and national progress in water-related issues, notably through the organization of regional events.

It is important to highlight the innovative method called "Towards Brasilia", proposed by Brazil and approved at a Council of Governors meeting, which seeks to increase the mobilization of the Latin American region about water issues. The initiative is to promote regional preparatory events that will provide local insights for the 8th Forum. The model adopted by the "Towards Brasilia" is being evaluated by the World Water Council (WWC) for expansion to other regions of the world.