View the summary report of the 1st round of discussions The discussions raised important water questions, that could become Sessions during the week of the 8th Forum

The 8th World Water Forum wants to hear from you. Your Voice is an open online platform where people around the world can collaborate and influence the Forum discussions. Even non-experts can suggest water issues to be discussed at the world’s largest water event. You can also share ideas, experiences and solutions to improve water management in the world.

Including the social participation in the development of the thematic framework of the World Water Forum is one of the priorities of this 8th edition. The first round happened between February 13th and April 23rd and identified ten water issues related to each theme. This round had more than twenty thousand visits, mostly from Brazil, the United States, France, Mexico and India, who shared about 550 comments on the Forum themes. The second round – which asks specific questions about capacity, sharing, governance and sustainability – was closed on August.

The third round has already begun, join in! This time, the focus of the debates in the theme rooms will be on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Discussions will focus on the challenges and opportunities for sustainable water development. The platform is open until March 12, 2018. To join this debates sessions, register here.

The results of the 3rd round of "Your Voice" discussions will be presented at the 8th World Water Forum in a session called “Contributions from the Your Voice initiative; the identification of challenges and opportunities for the implementation of SDGs to improve world water management.” At this session, a summary of the contributions to Your Voice will be presented, and their implications on SDG-related water topics. Some moderators, organisers and participants will be invited as speakers to share their experience.

The online consultation is composed by 6 discussion rooms focusing on:

  • Climate – water security and climate change
  • People – water, sanitation and health
  • Development – water for sustainable development
  • Urban – integrated urban water and waste management
  • Ecosystems – water quality, ecosystem livelihoods and biodiversity
  • Financing – financing for water security

Each thematic room counts on a group of moderators, at least one of them being Brazilian. The moderators ask the questions, help guiding discussions and summarize results so they can reach the Forum organization.

Join Your Voice to the 8th World Water Forum Consultation. Share your ideas and influence the debates during the biggest global event on water.

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