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Other Comissions

Political Process at the 8th World Water Forum

The Political Process Commission provides guidance on the political program and connection among official authorities at a global level. In this way, it ensures excellent relationships with the various bodies representing elected officials and with leading elected individuals engaged in water.

The main objective of the Political Process is to encourage the engagement of local/regional political authorities, such as parliamentarians, mayors and governors, to participate in meetings focused on water, since it understands that solutions in water management can only be implemented via political decisions and leadership.

The Commission is responsible for preparing the content and process for the 8th World Water Forum political program, in such a way that it offers a creative way for Ministers, Parliamentarians and Local Authorities to interact dynamically with one another and with other stakeholders involved in the Forum.
Specific events are required for each level of the Political Process in the run-up to the Forum and should be closely linked to the Thematic and Regional Processes and the Sustainability Focus Group.

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