About 100 representatives of companies and institutions interested in participating in the world’s largest water event attended the commercial launch of the 8th World Water Forum this Wednesday (16th) in São Paulo. The event was broadcast live on the Internet to enable people from other countries to watch the launch, during which companies and institutions were explained how to participate.

As of this moment, in addition to sponsorship quotes, companies may purchase booths at the Expo and Fair, spaces for institutional and commercial exposure with strong interaction with the public, which is estimated to be about 40 thousand people. During the launch, more than 2 thousand square meters were sold, exceeding the organizers’ expectations. Considering reservations, about 40% of the total area for exhibitors have been occupied. For additional information on companies’ participation in the Forum, contact comercial@worldwaterforum8.org or +55 11 94342-8175.

“Together we make water a global priority, enhances the World Water Council. The Forum permeates the society, it must keep it informed”, states Rodrigo Cordeiro, event director at MCI-Brasil, company responsible for commercializing the event spaces and that is part of the joint venture responsible for the Forum organization, along with Dream Factory.

About the Forum
The 8th World Water Forum is a privileged space to exchange experiences, analyze issues and seek solutions related to conscious water use around the world. The event consists of a three-year process during which common citizens, specialists, public managers, legislators and decision-makers participate in online debates and preparatory events. The 8th World Water Forum will be held in Brasília between March 18th and 23rd, 2018.

“Abdib is a partner of the World Water Council and has actively participated in the 8th Forum organization since its candidature in 2011. The Forum places Brazil in a highlighted position in the world scenario”, stated Venilton Tadini, executive president of the Brazilian Association of Infrastructure and Basic Industries (Abdib), institution responsible for raising funds for the Forum.

“Although Brasilia is in a water crisis, the Forum can bring experiences from other countries to help overcome this situation. The Forum is a world platform to tackle challenges and promote a new water culture”, stated Paulo Salles, president-director of the Federal District’s Water, Energy and Sanitation Regulatory Agency (Adasa). “The productive sector needs to produce more with less water. We’d like to establish this partnership, a commitment to the future”, concluded Salles.

“This is a unique moment for organizations to introduce themselves to the world”, enhanced Ricardo Andrade, 8th World Water Forum executive director. The overarching theme of this edition is “Sharing Water”, inspired by the Brazilian experience of exchange and strengthening of water cooperation bonds among nations. This is a special opportunity to mobilize an entire region for water”, concluded Andrade.

The 8th World Water Forum is organized by the World Water Council, the Ministry of Environment, the Brazilian Water Agency (ANA), and Adasa. Abdib is a member of the National Organizing Committee.

*More pictures available on our Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/worldwaterforum8/).