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Water of appropriate quantity and quality and maintenance of natural environments, ecosystems and biodiversity are all mutually dependent. Fully understanding the relationships between these factors, along with the planning and implementation of effective practices, requires strong capacities and good governance structures and mechanisms, as well as the ability to share experiences, practices and knowledge. Any action should consider long-term sustainability.

The 8th World Water Forum will host focused discussions on these cross-cutting subjects – capacity, governance, sharing and sustainability – in order to identify the main hindrances and actions required to overcome difficulties that are common to the 6 core themes (climate, people, development, urban, ecosystems and financing).

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Dear Henrique,

Thank you for your introduction.

Regarding ro the international cooperation, I think we can mention also the Commission on Ecosystem Management under IUCN. 

In fact, the Forum itself, strongly enhancing international cooperations, establishes an umbrella network for all ecosystem-related structures available all around the World. 

Kind regards,


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Davi Silva Fagundes said:

Prezados Moderadores e participantes do Fórum Mundial virtual, Bom Dia!

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Camilla Hellen ... replied:

Prezados Davi Silva Fagundes,

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Angelo Lima said:

Sobre capacitação e educação, creio que uma experiência que vale ser visitada é da Articulação do Semiárido Brasileiro  (ASA).

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Camilla Hellen ... replied:

Olá Angelo,

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Angelo Lima replied:


muito boa sua contribuição. A minha foi apenas para apresentar uma experiência e estimular o início dos debates.



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Camilla Hellen ... said:

Welcome to the second round of the Ecosystems Consultation Forum! Please, come join us in the disscussion room and help contribuite to the World Water Forum!

Bem vindo a segunda rodada de consultas on line sobre a temática Ecossistemas! Por favor, junta-se a nós nas discussōes e ajude a contribuir para o Fórum Mundial da Água!

Camilla Hellen P. de Lima

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